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Want to Travel? Here Are 13 Starter Packs You Must Prepare!

Millennials must be familiar with the term “starter pack”. Well, for those who hear about it for the first time, starter pack is slang for a number of items that are identical to something. However, if translated into Indonesian, of course it will sound strange and inaccurate, because it means “initial package”.

This term is getting familiar to define needs before starting something. For example, what kind of starter pack to campus? Then the answer is bags, books, laptops and campus alma mater. What if you want to travel? of course it’s different.

Stories about traveling, soon the homecoming season will arrive, where do you already have plans for traveling? Whatever you choose, make sure you prepare your starter pack carefully, OK?

Here are 13 starter pack recommendations to start your journey. Even though some of these items look small, this will really help you when traveling, you know!

Especially for those of you who like solo-travelling, you must carefully read this article until it’s finished. Come on, let’s see the review.

Lightweight and Comfortable Backpack

This backpack is the most important starter pack when you want to travel. Where in here you can store all kinds of combat equipment for traveling. You can put spare clothes, jackets, medicines, make-up, chargers, and so on.

The shape of the backpack must also be taken into account, choose something that is light and comfortable when you wear it, its fashionable shape can be an added value.

Travel Bag Organizer

This travel bag organizer is very useful for separating certain items. So you don’t have to bother rummaging through your bag when you want to find something in your suitcase/bag. You can quickly find what you need.

Like a special Travel bag for gadgets and cables, this will really help you while traveling.

Smartphone + Internet Package

This one is really mandatory, namely a smartphone with internet quota. Before you leave, make sure you have installed the Google Maps application on your smartphone, as well as hotel and ticket booking applications. If you need a language translator application, you also install it.

It’s also important to have an internet data plan ready, you can’t completely depend on free Wi-Fi. When you are at an inn, maybe you can still enjoy it, but when you are traveling, you certainly need internet quota to stay connected.

For those of you who are going through remote areas, there could be network problems. You have to anticipate by downloading the offline maps. It will be very worrying, of course, if you are driving at night on a quiet road and suddenly the signal turns off and the GPS turns off too.

Camera + Battery Backup

Use a DSLR if you want to capture special moments in high quality. Even though today’s cellphone camera specifications are increasingly competing to improve quality in terms of megapixels, still the performance of digital camera sensors and processors cannot be matched by smartphones, and in fact this is the favorite starter pack for young people today to take pictures or videos.

Other supporting tools such as a tripod also need to be prepared, if you want to take objects with landscape or take pictures with a timer, the results will be much more stable.

Don’t forget to also prepare a backup battery and SD Card, so you don’t run out of battery and memory quickly when you’re having fun using your DSLR.

Power Bank

An obligatory partner for smartphones besides internet quota is a power bank. Maybe every time you check social media, then update about the excitement of your trip. And the power bank here will be a savior, when the smartphone starts to run low.

Because smartphone batteries are usually drained more easily if they are constantly connected to the internet, especially if they are used for Google maps, browsing, and live streaming.

You can choose a trusted power bank brand, so that it can last long enough. The minimalist shape to hold will be much better.

Universal Adapter

In fact, not all countries have the same type of power plug. So, if you want to travel abroad, a universal adapter is very important for you to bring.

You don’t need to worry about being complicated, because nowadays many sell practical models, so you can go to any country with just one adapter.


Waiting for the plane at the airport, waiting for the bus or train at the station, of course it will make you a little bored. And earphones can be a helper when your boredom arrives. You must keep this thing in your backpack.

If necessary, use the wireless model so you don’t have to worry about the wires getting stuck.

Quick Dry Towel

Towels that can dry quickly are usually made of microfiber, so they absorb water easily and dry faster than regular towels.

On long, hot trips, you might get sweaty, and this towel will come in handy. Usually this is a guy’s starter pack, and those who drive cars will sweat easily.

Its small size makes it easy to store in a backpack while traveling.


If it’s called traveling, you will definitely take lots of pictures. So, so that while traveling the photos you capture are much cooler, bring some accessories such as sunglasses, hats, jackets, and others that are important to match when you wear them.

You can also adjust it to your outfit every day of your trip, for example, if you are going to a waterfall or beach resort, the Sumba cloth on your shoulders will add to the impression of being photographed.

Sufficient Cash

Do you really need to have cash ready? You really need to prepare before leaving, just in case. Because it could be that your tourist destination doesn’t have an ATM machine, or it’s far away. You who are in need quickly, must be constrained.

Many restaurants, buses, even tourist destinations have accepted non-cash payments, aka application-based payments. However, having cash ready is still best. You can tighten your budget more, and avoid credit card fraud when traveling.

The money that is prepared is not excessive and don’t let it go too. Just adjust to the conditions of the tourist destination. Even in terms of saving money, it’s better to keep it in a pouch. Because there are many cases of theft that definitely involve wallets, and pouches can be safer to avoid unwanted things.

Personal Identity and Travel Documents

Don’t forget this one starter pack, namely the KTP as proof of identity, even if you are only traveling within the country. In fact, other important documents such as BPJS cards and insurance cards need to be brought too, who knows you might need these.

Especially when traveling abroad, important documents such as passports, travel visas, driving licenses, ID cards, travel insurance, airplane tickets, birth certificates, and Covid-19 vaccine certificates must be secured.

Personal Medicine

Unexpected circumstances can come at any time, whether you suddenly catch a cold while traveling, or get motion sickness. It doesn’t even rule out the possibility that you will catch a cold because the weather in tourist attractions changes.

Medicines such as cold medicine, headaches, ulcer/stomach medicine, wind oil/eucalyptus oil, and several others must be brought so you don’t have to bother going to the pharmacy.

Snacks – A Starter Pack That Can’t Be Left Behind

The last starter pack is snacks. On a long trip, usually eating snacks can add a little energy and prop up the stomach that starts rumbling before meal time arrives.

But also pay attention from a nutritional point of view, the snacks you bring don’t all have mickey, there must also be healthy ones. Fill your backpack with healthy snacks, bread and fruit.

So, after reading the list of starter packs for traveling above, you already understand what you have to prepare from now on. Make your trip more enjoyable by ordering cheap hotels closest to the tourist attractions you visit from your favorite hotel application. At Seindo Travel, you can also save even more with the many choices of hotel vouchers of up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah, you know!

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